Why Sell With Us

Your home is in trustworthy hands when selling with our real estate specialists.

So – you’re looking to sell your property in Cairns?

We understand that you want the best result for your sale and you want a team you can depend on, with proven experience that will hit the targets you expect.

That’s what our sales team at One Stop Property offers you.

We’re a locally run, multi-generational family-owned business with an admirable reputation for outstanding results and superior service. We are your dependable local property agents, and we can help you achieve the best outcome with your property sale, without any of the stress. We are here with you every step of the way.

Why choose a family-owned, local real estate agency over a large franchise agency?

It’s our personal attention, professional awareness, service and the fact that we truly care – that’s why.

The small and highly effective sales team at One Stop Property take the time to fully appreciate your home, respect your goals and understand your preferences. From there, we determine how best to help you sell your property, and get the best result every time. It’s our team directive to work in your interests.

From selling to sold, we collaborate with you to recommend the best methods of sale, explain how to prepare your home and guide you along the journey, so you are well-informed and in control all the way. As your sales agent, we promote and showcase your home to buyers to not only attract interest, but to create increased competition. That way, your property gets the best possible opportunity to achieve the highest sale price.

Every client deserves the best standard of service, latest factual local market knowledge, and effective sales and marketing strategies, all delivered with attention to detail. We operate a small, highly effective team and we’re not numbers-driven, but rather experience focussed – all for your benefit.

Our approach to selling homes.

Selling your home is a significant life decision, as it involves one of the biggest assets you own – it’s a special place.

We understand. That’s why we’re here to make the process simple.

As your team of Cairns property sales specialists, we only have your best interests at heart and we’ll be right by your side to give you advice, guidance and support, to achieve the best outcome.

Our sales team will appraise your home and then present a plan for sale, including marketing options, selling methods and more, but we will also implement what you instruct. This way, you know we’re working for you.

You and your property deserve the best and that’s exactly what One Stop Property offers.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose One Stop Property to sell your home in Cairns:

  1. We’re a Real Estate business built on trust.
    With over 4,000 properties sold, worth more than $775M, we have built strong relationships with our clients and are proud to have family generational buyers, sellers and repeat clients – all because they trust One Stop Property.
  2. We have a vast property network.
    Our team of dedicated, resourced, effective, professional and highly trained and motivated agents all work together with our network of active buyers. This ensures you benefit from our combined expertise and maximise your profit.
  3. We support and assist you every step of the way.
    One Stop Property is a team of specialist property experts who can assist you with Marketing, Finance, Administration and Management.
  4. One Stop Property achieves the TRUE value of your property.
    We understand the monetary investment and effort you’ve injected into your property, and we are determined to maximise the sale result you have earnt.
  5. Strategically located Offices.
    We have taken into consideration our physical locations to attract more potential buyers to your property. You can find us at Bentley Park and in Cairns city.
  6. We have a centralised Buyer database.
    One Stop Property has over 4,500 active contacts all over the country. This gives us access to potential buyers and more opportunities to sell your property.
  7. We’re never idle at One Stop Property
    On average, at least 40 potential Buyers go to our Open Houses and Sales Offices each week. We’re active and ever proactive so we can achieve great outcomes for our clients.
  8. We use innovative and on trend ways to advertise properties.
    We explore every option and implement the best marketing and advertising techniques to drive more enquiries, and gain greater exposure for your property.
  9. We offer innovative bespoke marketing campaigns – Not every home is the same!
    We expertly craft our campaigns to maximise your property’s reach – this includes social media, video and print marketing, and so much more.
  10. We guarantee you access to our investor clients.
    Our foundation for success is based on managing relationships with our clients. Because of this, we can tap into our proven and ever-evolving local, state, national and overseas channels of investors.